Extra Credit

My three favorite activities are Sculpture, game Design, and Drawing. I like to draw and work with solid work or auto-cad because they are related to my major.

My least favorite Snap-chat, Location based Gaming, and Landscapes with a Corpse.I don’t enjoin those activities because it is not helpful.

I think Slack was great because i can use my phone wherever i go and can write any comment. it was more easy than Blackboard.

I think Art Talks and Artist OTW were great because students can discuss about different type of arts in the internet.


My E-Portfolio

My name is Ngoc Hong Tran

I was born and rise in Vietnam. I came to the United State with my family when i was 17 years old. I went to Huntington Beach High School. After that, i went to ESL and adult school for couple years. My family moved to Texas, and i went to Laredo community college. I worked and went to school at the same time.

After four years, my family moved back to California. I got my AA degree at Orange Coast Community College, and after that transfer to California State University Long Beach. I started to look for new job. I work and go to school at the same time. I take three classes per semester because I work full time, and it is hard for me to take full time students. That take long time to finish school, but I am almost finish my school. I need only one more year ha-ha.

At first, i choice my major is Math Teacher for high school, but my English is not that good. So, i decided to change my major to Chemical Engineer because i love Math and Chemistry. I think chemical Engineer have Math and Chemistry, but it is actual machine. I feel uncomfortable at that major at first, but i feel better now.





Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was an American artist. He did visual art movement known as pop art. He explored the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture and advertisement. He had a largest museum in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States.

He used hand drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, silk screening, sculpture, film, and music. He was a pioneer in computer- generated art. He was a very successful commercial illustrator. Between 1963 and 1968, he made more than 60 films, plus some 500 short black-and-white “screen test” portraits of Factory visitors.In the mid 1960s, He joined the band the Velvet Underground.He wrote the book A Gold Book, Wild Raspberries, Holy Cats.Warhol appeared as himself in the film Cocaine Cowboys.




I like his arts. He did a lot of awesome works, and he went to all area of arts.
He did a lot of famous film such as Sleep,Blow job, Eat, and Batman Dracula. That was imagine , He made his own film.

I think he was interesting because he did a lot of works that popular such as film, music, painting, drawing, etc…I think he was great when he was gay. Because he was born in the hard time, people did not like gays or lesbian, but he did a great jobs.

Landscapes with a Corpse

This is weird assignment ha-ha. i don’t know what to do when i read this activity. I feel uncomfortable when i saw the example. i don’t know if a lot of people scare to death, but i scared of death.
I wonder if i take those picture at the park, people will look at us weird. They maybe think, we are crazy.
When i saw other students post their activity, they pretend like sleepy. That look better than open our big eyes. But i am not sure that was right or wrong. I just took my picture at home.i don’t like to take my picture because they look not good.

Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz was born in Nov. 8, 1986. He committed suicide in Jan. 11,2013 because he was under federal indictment for data theft. He was an American Computer programmer, entrepreneur, writer, political organizer and hacktivist. He creates his website called web.py and others news site. He was arrested because he downloaded academic journal from JSTOR. They charged him for 1 million fine and 35 years in jail.

At young age, he won an ArsDigita Prize, given to young people who create”useful, educational. and collaborative” noncommercial websites. He did “Stop Online Piracy Act” to help people. He did a lot of things to help public.






I think he do the right and legal thing. the government just thinks he will do the illegal, but he is not do illegal thing. Now, all information are available online, and he just download them. all students always find the articles online for their research. if they need to pay the money, they don’t have too much money to pay and maybe they won’t do that.

At first, i thought Hacker is a bad person, but they created the app for public. When i read about him, he helped us to edit the Wikipedia. He used his skill of technologist and programmer, and He made the internet and the world a better places.He was a good programmer. he was suicide as young age.


I don’t like this activity because it is hard to look for geocaches.

I went to parking lot looking for geocaches, and i did not find anything. i looked at the geocaching.com, and look for several places; so i found out there were several places in CSULB. I looked at parking lot at first, and then at pyramid. I was so sad; i could not find anything. I thought someone clean up and took away our geocaches.

IMG_2777 IMG_2776

IMG_2775 IMG_2773

I saw in the map right in front of the parking structure, and i looked around there and far little. I was so disappoint when i could not find it. After that i went to pyramid because i saw in internet one at the corner of pyramid; i looked around, but i could not find it. I was frustrate. We left the school without finding anything.

I made my own geocaches and hide my under the pyramid. I put some candy, green tea, and toy, but my sister said we can not put candy because it will melt out. She took them out, and by the time looking we eat all candy. It was hard time when i post my geocache online. I tried several time to figure out latitude and longitude of CSULB.


Vanessa Blaylock

Vanessa Blaylock is an artist, and he did a lot of work. At first i looked her information on google.com. it was hard because it was not shows too much about her history. It shows a lot of her project. She did a virtual public art, iRez Salon, VBCO Portfolio, Practice Based.Re/act, Public Art Portfolio,etc…

she used avatar life to replace human life. she used avatar replace for her in any website. she used avatar life in 26th letter of alphabet. U is for unexpected data object,T is for Tera on Vimeo, A is for Animation, B is Bun in the oven, C is for catsuit, D is for Drum circle, E is for Ethereal Plane, F is for Frog Fight, G is for Gallery Weekend Berlin, H is for Hair, I is for Ice Skating, J is for Joe Rogby, K is for Kids, etc… i like most is T because they are so cute. v4 v5 v6 v8

I think she does not show her picture because she may does not like the real life. She thinks avatar have the same life as human. I got confusing when i searched for her information. on the web there are the letter represent for the name that i thought it was her.

I like some of her pictures about the avatar or animation. They are so cute and attractive. I looked at some of her work, it was like a cartoon or game.