I don’t like this activity because it is hard to look for geocaches.

I went to parking lot looking for geocaches, and i did not find anything. i looked at the, and look for several places; so i found out there were several places in CSULB. I looked at parking lot at first, and then at pyramid. I was so sad; i could not find anything. I thought someone clean up and took away our geocaches.

IMG_2777 IMG_2776

IMG_2775 IMG_2773

I saw in the map right in front of the parking structure, and i looked around there and far little. I was so disappoint when i could not find it. After that i went to pyramid because i saw in internet one at the corner of pyramid; i looked around, but i could not find it. I was frustrate. We left the school without finding anything.

I made my own geocaches and hide my under the pyramid. I put some candy, green tea, and toy, but my sister said we can not put candy because it will melt out. She took them out, and by the time looking we eat all candy. It was hard time when i post my geocache online. I tried several time to figure out latitude and longitude of CSULB.



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