Vanessa Blaylock

Vanessa Blaylock is an artist, and he did a lot of work. At first i looked her information on it was hard because it was not shows too much about her history. It shows a lot of her project. She did a virtual public art, iRez Salon, VBCO Portfolio, Practice Based.Re/act, Public Art Portfolio,etc…

she used avatar life to replace human life. she used avatar replace for her in any website. she used avatar life in 26th letter of alphabet. U is for unexpected data object,T is for Tera on Vimeo, A is for Animation, B is Bun in the oven, C is for catsuit, D is for Drum circle, E is for Ethereal Plane, F is for Frog Fight, G is for Gallery Weekend Berlin, H is for Hair, I is for Ice Skating, J is for Joe Rogby, K is for Kids, etc… i like most is T because they are so cute. v4 v5 v6 v8

I think she does not show her picture because she may does not like the real life. She thinks avatar have the same life as human. I got confusing when i searched for her information. on the web there are the letter represent for the name that i thought it was her.

I like some of her pictures about the avatar or animation. They are so cute and attractive. I looked at some of her work, it was like a cartoon or game.



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