I like this activity of drawing.

I love to draw a lot. The first picture, I drew it at my work when i waited for my mom. I looked at the internet in YouTube “how to draw a person “, and it taught  me how to draw this picture. I was following it little by little. It was so cool. Sometime, i draw the picture of animation or Disney cartoon.


At home, I asked my cousin if i could draw her picture; she doesn’t want to. So, i drew the picture of G-dragon, the leader of Big Bang. I feel look a little difference, but i like both of my pictures. I sat on the floor,put my paper on the the book, and put it on the top of the chair. I knew it looked funny ha-ha!


IMG_2753    IMG_2752


Josheph Delappe


Joseph Delappe is a professor at the University of Nevada, Reno. He work in online gaming and electromagnetical installation. In 2006, he began a project dead -in -Iraq. He received a lot of grants and awards. He is a pioneer of online gaming performance art. He is the first anthology to examine the reciprocal relationship between militarism and video games.He had MA in Pictorial Arts, MA in Computers in Art and Design, BS in Graphic Design, and AA degree. His projects  were used to cardboard to make the military and Ghandi.


d2 d3 d4 d5 d6d7

In the money bill, he put the stamp depicting an MQ1 Predator Drone. he was featuring paper money as its platform ” In Drones We Trust”, he explains :”The idea came after closely examining U.S. currency – all but the $1 dollar bill feature a pastoral depiction of a notable government building or monument on the back of the bills, albeit with lonely, empty skies. It seems appropriate, considering our current use of drones in foreign skies, to symbolically ring them home to fly over our most notable patriotic structures.” That was interesting.

I like the idea that he used cardboard to create the art. He was awesome withe the 17 foot tall of Ghandi. He also make connection between the video game and military. He used cardboard to create the soldier on the floor with his gun. He used the electronic to make a big flowers.

I think he was amazing with his idea. i wonder how strong and hard for cardboard to stay for long time. He may puts something inside the cardboard to make them stay and don’t fall a part.




Getty Villa Museum

In Getty Villa Museum, they do not allow us to take pictures in side the building.

we took pictures outside.

Inside the building was very attractive and pretty. There are a lot of different images. They are so beautiful. i love to see different kind of arts.

It is so bad when they don’t let us take pictures inside the building. I like the images that picture look at different way.




Ava and Franco Mattes





Ava and Franco Mattes were born in Italy. Neither of them received an art education. They are the second way of internet artists , after Net.art.

Mattes stole dozens of fragments from Duchamp, Kandinsky, Beuys, and Rauschenberg. They have manipulated video games, internet technologies and street advertising to reveal truths concealed by contemporary society. They displaced their arts in Venice Biennale, the walker Art Center, Minneapolis , Manifesta, Frankfurt and other venues worldwide, including the new Museum, New York.

I like some of their arts which are related to Disney. I love to watch Disney, and draw animation of cartoon. I like the way they arrange the toys, and they set up the story for that.  I don’t like they put the cat in the case because i feel the cat uncomfortable.



e1 e2 e3 e4 e5


This is my first time to use snap-chat. I think it is too quick for pictures. when i see the pictures, they take a few second and disappear. First time i thought it was a part of Instagram, but it is different program.

. IMG_2570IMG_2571IMG_2575



I need to take a screen shoot to save the pictures. I think Instagram is more public than snap chat because it keeps all pictures long time. Someone loves to see their  pictures several times. Also, i like to see my old pictures.

I think they use the snap chat for fun and laugh, and it quick to delete their pictures.

I like the last picture, and it looks so cute.


Janet Cardiff

Janet Cardiff was born in 1957 in Brussels, Ontario, Canada. She is a Canadian artist. She was special with sound and sound installation, and she calls audio walk. She works with her husband George Bures Miller. They work and live in Berlin. in 1995, she had international recognition in the art world.

She started with the large scale silkscreen. She was making the film called the Guardian Angel. She works with narrative sequencing, sound, and movement. She make the sound of individual character and record it. Her first work was Whispering Room. this is the low motion film which is the visitors move through the space and the voices.Her first video walk was the real time. She and her husband installations two audio are forget and Alter Bahnhof video walk.


It was interesting when she record the sound and audio walk. This is the first time i know she was artist when she made the sound and audio walk because i thought that is movie maker or film director. She walk along the way and make the sound. In the forget or the dark pool she made the sound for look like scary and evil. She makes perfect sound and action.

I like her work that was interesting. She makes sound and audio walk. she bring us the real story with the sound and action. She creates her own story by walk people through the view of places.

Nikki S. Lee

Nikki Seung -Hee Lee is a Korean American. She is a photographer and filmmaker. She is living and working in Seoul. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in South Korea. She studies in Fashion Institute of Technology. She earned her master of arts in photography at New York University.

Her work is Projects about the photographs with different ethic and social groups. She took the picture such as drag queens, punks, swing dancers, senior citizens, Latinos, hip- hop musicians and fans, skateboarders, lesbians, young urban professionals, and Korean schoolgirls. She makes herself perfect to fit in the social groups.

n1 n2 n3 n4 n5

I think she is great because she gets her projects as one of the requirement for graduation. She looks pretty in black dress and her real face of Korean lady.

She make up the whole body look like society. She shows that she is a part of all kind of people. she proves that she is not only Korean American, but she is a part of the world. She transforms from one person to another person. That is wonderful. I can not recognize her when she becomes old lady.