Janet Cardiff

Janet Cardiff was born in 1957 in Brussels, Ontario, Canada. She is a Canadian artist. She was special with sound and sound installation, and she calls audio walk. She works with her husband George Bures Miller. They work and live in Berlin. in 1995, she had international recognition in the art world.

She started with the large scale silkscreen. She was making the film called the Guardian Angel. She works with narrative sequencing, sound, and movement. She make the sound of individual character and record it. Her first work was Whispering Room. this is the low motion film which is the visitors move through the space and the voices.Her first video walk was the real time. She and her husband installations two audio are forget and Alter Bahnhof video walk.


It was interesting when she record the sound and audio walk. This is the first time i know she was artist when she made the sound and audio walk because i thought that is movie maker or film director. She walk along the way and make the sound. In the forget or the dark pool she made the sound for look like scary and evil. She makes perfect sound and action.

I like her work that was interesting. She makes sound and audio walk. she bring us the real story with the sound and action. She creates her own story by walk people through the view of places.


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