Nikki S. Lee

Nikki Seung -Hee Lee is a Korean American. She is a photographer and filmmaker. She is living and working in Seoul. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in South Korea. She studies in Fashion Institute of Technology. She earned her master of arts in photography at New York University.

Her work is Projects about the photographs with different ethic and social groups. She took the picture such as drag queens, punks, swing dancers, senior citizens, Latinos, hip- hop musicians and fans, skateboarders, lesbians, young urban professionals, and Korean schoolgirls. She makes herself perfect to fit in the social groups.

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I think she is great because she gets her projects as one of the requirement for graduation. She looks pretty in black dress and her real face of Korean lady.

She make up the whole body look like society. She shows that she is a part of all kind of people. she proves that she is not only Korean American, but she is a part of the world. She transforms from one person to another person. That is wonderful. I can not recognize her when she becomes old lady.





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