Victorine Meurent

Victorine Louise Meurent was a french painter and a famous model. she was model of Edouard Manet. She was born in Paris to a family of artisans. she started as a model for Manet in 1862. she had her nickname La Crevette. She has red hair that make her stand out with Manet’s watercolor. She was playing the guitar,violin,give lessons in the two instrument, and sang in coffee concerts.

She was a model that why most of her images was in Manet’s work. She connects the relationship between model and painter, and both would be the artist. she was an early feminist. the Luncheon on the Grass and Olympia are the nude portrayals of her.”She is also a character in the film Intimate Lives: The Women of Manet, aka Manet in Love (1998) and is played by Shelley Phillips”.

i like her painting, and they looked so attractive. most of her arts were her images of herself.She stand out for feminist. she plays important role in the artist and model, and she did a good job. we knew most of her images were painted from Manet, so they had the equally contributed to their fantastic works.

she did not have to much images because i think she was most in model of Manet. Maybe by that time her arts were prohibition. i like her because i think she showed that people are equal right between man and women. she is so pretty.


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