Joseph Cornell


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Joseph Cornell was an American artist and sculptor. He was the pioneer of assemblage, and was a filmmaker. He lived in a small house, and never travel outside the New York city. Because he had the difficult life,lack of relationship and strangers, he became a self-taught artist. He spend his time to take care of his brother because his brother was disabled and lived with cerebral palsy.

Most of his arts were boxes assemblages created from found objects.He never regarded himself as a surrealist. He put his life style in his boxes.Some of his boxes were the doll with separate pieces of body. Some boxes were birds, spaces, and bottles.

I think most of his arts were birds because he never travel and got out of his house.i think he wanted to travel outside the world. He spend almost his time for his brother that make him shy and lack of relationship. He reflect his life time to his arts. He used doll with separate body to showed that he had bad life time.

I like some of his boxes with the bottles and some decoration with colorful images. He had good design with the boxes. In my room, i also had design with the boxes. i put my award, gifts, diploma, and some of my pictures into the boxes.


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