This time activity was Instagram. It helped us to know everyone in class. Everybody had different activities. We have online class , so we are not get to know each others. This program helps us to interact and know our friends.

On Thursday, I took several pictures for Instagram. In the morning, i took a shower and wore nice clothes. We went out to eat at restaurant. Afternoon, my mom and i repaired for working because we worked at same places. At work, my coworker bought a lot of food and invited me to eat. This weekend i ate a lot 🙂


8 7 6 5 4 11hong ngoc


There is time to enjoin the food. my cousin graduated, so we had party on Saturday. This weekend was so busy and happy. I saw a lot of friends had making food. That looks  so delicious.




At first, it is difficult to figure out how to blog because when i opened the add media it came out a lot of words like the website. It is not pictures, but later it came out pictures because i put the preview. i have no idea what is going on. Now, it is better.


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