Francesca Woodman

Francesca woodman was an American Photographer. She used black and white for her arts. Most of her pictures show the young women who were nude,blurred. Most of her arts were darkness and depression. She suicide when she was twenty two years old. She started her photographic skills and became interested in the art form when she was in high school at the private Massachusetts boarding school Abbot Academy.She started her career in photography when she returned to New York.

She created at least ten thousands negatives arts. But around one twenty images had been published or exhibited. She used her emotion and feeling for her arts. because her life time was so depress, and many of her arts reflected the depression. She used the theme as black and darkness for her arts because she had broken relationship.

fr1 fr2 fr3 fr4


I was interesting on her arts because some of her arts was so nude and have different feeling. I feel sorry for her because she suicide at age 22; She looked so young and pretty. In the last picture she looked under her hand with reflect the leaves in the water. It looked like the wings. She was wearing the white dress and look so innocent. She looked like a kid who wish to has wings.

fr5 fr6

Most of her arts were blurry and darkness. They were reflect her lifetime. I think she created her arts during the time she was depressed. She used her body to show her arts like Ana Mendieta. They are used their body to include in arts. they used their body as the part of arts. She was a great artist but her life so short.


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