Ana Mendieta

Ana Mendieta was a Cuban American performance artist, sculptor, painter, and video artist. She used her body to create her art. She came to United States in 1961. She went to University of Iowa. She got her BA, MA in Painting and an MFA in intermedia.

She was focused on themes such as feminism, violence, life, death, place and belonging. She turned herself to nature by her art. she created herself such as mug, sand, flowers, trees, and grass. One of her interesting art were naked body. She focused on spiritual and physical connection with the Earth. That made her art interesting and successful.

I felt uncomfortable when i saw the picture of her with naked body. I thought some people uncomfortable too because we did not use to see that kind of arts. She was so strong and emotion when she showed her body to the public. I think there are not too much artists can do that.

Besides,I enjoin her art by turning herself to nature. she wanted to be a part of nature. Sometime, i want to be a bird, so i can fly so high and see all the world. Maybe, I think when she was turning to nature, she was not thinking to any thing.  It was so sad when she passed away at age thirty six years old by her husband. If she was not dead, she will give us more arts.



Ana Medieta
Ana Medieta

ana 2 ana 1



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