Thursday was nice and fresh air. We met our classmates at Seal Beach. We started to introduce ourselves and got to know each other. That was nice to see friends and professor face to face. We were very happy and enjoin working on our activities of this week.

I repaired four buckets, two shovels, and a big bag of plaster, so that enough for everyone to use. We helped each other out.

I dug two holes for me to put my foot and my hand into the holes, and my classmate helped me to pour water to make the sand wet. We helped each other to make our molds.

After, everyone did the molds. We mixed the plaster, and we asked professor if that good enough to use. We poured the plaster into the molds. The Plaster needed time to dry. By the time we were waiting; professor was talking with us and we learned a lot of things from him.

About thirty minutes, we removed the body part of plaster carefully. We had our perfect products.IMG_0281 (1)IMG_0305IMG_0304 (1)IMG_0288IMG_2461


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